Yext, Inc., a leader in digital knowledge management, and ShopKeep, a top-rated tablet to cloud point of sale and payments platform chosen by over 24,000 independent retailers and restaurants, announced a groundbreaking integration putting the power in the hands of store managers to control the facts about their business all across the web directly from their cash registers.

Starting Tuesday, ShopKeep will provide its customers with access to the Yext Knowledge Manager directly from the ShopKeep Back Office interface. Now, store owners and managers can rapidly assess the accuracy and consistency of key information that consumers see online–such as store hours, menus, location and contact information, and more–right from their ShopKeep POS system. If that digital information requires modification, the manager can quickly update it across the 100+ intelligent services in the Yext Powerlistings® Network, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. The integration between ShopKeep and Yext makes it possible for small merchants to maintain an accurate online presence, which online sources are driving customers to their doors, and improve this digital knowledge to bring in more business.

“Managing the digital knowledge about a store or restaurant right from the POS system is a game-changer for small businesses, as they are too busy running their business to spend much time on their digital footprint,” says Jonathan Cherins, EVP of Small Business and Partner at Yext. “It makes it seamless for a merchant to ensure business information is correct online by changing things from one central tool, whether it’s uploading a new photo, changing a restaurant menu if they run out of an ingredient, or even updating store hours at the last minute everywhere a customer might look for them. The integration lets locations drive foot traffic by providing better information to consumers.”

“The online presence of our small business merchants is crucial to their success, as search engine results and other digital destinations increasingly serve as consumers’ first point of contact with a store or restaurant,” says Etie Hertz, Chief Revenue Officer of ShopKeep, “Our merchants will be thrilled to gain more control over their digital interactions through Yext’s powerful tools, all seamlessly integrated into ShopKeep’s Back Office. Our small business customers typically log in to Back Office multiple times throughout the day, making ShopKeep their main source of truth, and the ideal location to display critical information about the store’s online presence.”

This technology arms businesses with powerful tools to increase their revenue. A merchant with a physical store can use the integration to build its digital presence, in order to be present with high-quality digital knowledge across the sites that matter to consumers, and reach people in their moment of decision–the first step toward building a dedicated local following. The technology also gives businesses the ability to manage promotions and discounts via the POS system, publish them online, and track return on investment. And by tracking analytics within the ShopKeep Back Office interface, businesses can optimize their offerings based on what items are selling, reflecting these menu changes online in near-real time to maximize profit.

“In a highly competitive market, being found when a customer is searching online is essential, but it’s only half the battle. Up-to-date information online can make or break a small business, and is essential to making sure customers know you have what they’re looking for and when you’re open,” adds Cherins. “This integration puts digital knowledge management seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of the store, making it easy for busy small businesses to handle.”

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