Xylem Inc. a leading global water technology company focused on addressing the world’s most challenging water issues, launched the Flojet brand V-Jet series rotary vane pump heads for beverage carbonation. The announcement was made at the 2013 National Restaurant Association (NRA) show in Chicago. These beverage displacement units support minimal downtime and extended product life.

The V-Jet series low-flow, high-pressure positive displacement rotary vane pump heads were developed for applications including beverage carbonation, water dispensing, water boosting, espresso, or coffee machine operations, and coolant recirculation systems.

The pump heads are a reliable choice for restaurants and coffee shops looking to invest in a cost-effective product that requires minimal repairs or servicing. Engineered to minimize downtime as a result of common errors, the product line exceeds industry standard dry run, and blocked outlet tests, resulting in a product lifecycle that extends beyond typical rotary vane pumps.

“V-Jet series pumps give restaurant and coffee shop owners peace of mind that the equipment they purchase will continue to run effectively even if an outside error occurs,” says Andrew Lager, product manager, Flojet. “With nearly 50 years of leadership in the beverage dispense market, the Flojet brand is committed to delivering a product that will withstand the rigors and environment of beverage dispense operations today.”

Flojet’s patented vane venting system replaces traditional technologies, enabling high-pressure carbonation when needed but reducing product wears when the supply feed is interrupted. This system ensures the product will continue to deliver hot or carbonated beverages to customers consistently. Additionally, dual carbonated and still beverage service capabilities provide a single product to beverage customers, streamlining vendor management, and giving proprietors the ability to serve multiple types of drinks.

“The V-Jet pump series is a thoughtful product line that takes several key factors facing restaurant owners into consideration,” says Lager. “We’ve included everything from zero brass content for added consumer safety and flexibility of switching between carbonated and still applications, to improved maintenance schedules and intuitive technology that reduces user error.”

Other product highlights include a plastic pump body that complies with legislation to enhance the safety of beverage consumption, drop-in replacement features for easy installation, and a cost-effective filter solution for recirculation scenarios. 

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