Worldpay announced that it can now offer the newest solution for chip card payment processing, Quick Chip technology—making it the first payment processor to offer the technology in the U.S. 

Reducing chip card terminal transaction times to approximately three seconds, Quick Chip technology delivers the speed of service today’s businesses and consumers expect. Quick Chip removes the need for chip card processing to receive the final amount, authorization and post-authorization while the chip card remains in terminal. Instead, once the card has been removed, Quick Chip uses the issuer’s online response to determine whether the transaction is approved or declined—reducing wait time and friction for cardholders. Even with these dependencies eliminated, the solution provides high level security to any acceptance point including multilane retail, quick service restaurants, convenience merchants and more.

“The transition to chip cards has not been an easy one for consumers or merchants, particularly when it comes to transaction wait time,” says Ian Van Buskirk, Vice President of Product Management, Worldpay US. “Worldpay is responding to this business and consumer feedback with Quick Chip. We hope to drive increased industry awareness, preference and adoption of Quick Chip for the benefit of consumers, businesses and the industry-at-large.”

As the first payment processor to offer Quick Chip on terminals for retail, restaurant, and fleet processing, Worldpay can seamlessly implement the solution for existing merchant customers and manage the implementation process for new customers.  

For existing chip card customers, implementing the Quick Chip technology requires only a free software download. No changes to standard chip card processing, the payment network or Worldpay certifications are required, and there is no impact to the routing process for the merchant bank, network or card issuer. Worldpay plans to convert its existing customer base to Quick Chip technology within the year. 

For new customers, Worldpay can facilitate the migration to chip cards more quickly, easily and affordably than a third-party service provider, as the certification process can be managed directly between Worldpay and the participating business. For these businesses, Worldpay will provide a terminal with pre-loaded Quick Chip software.

“Fast chip transaction times benefit both merchants and consumers who want convenient checkouts as well as security,” says Stephanie Ericksen, Vice President of Risk and Authentication Products, Visa. “Worldpay’s terminals using Quick Chip technology will bring faster, convenient payments to more businesses and help consumers spend less time waiting to pay.” 

To experience Quick Chip live, visit Worldpay at booth 1051 at ETA Transact in Las Vegas, May 10—12. Or visit

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