Mustard and other American condiments are making international appearances with the recent expansion of Woeber’s Mustard Company into the Chinese market.

Select Woeber’s products—including some of its famous mustards, both spicy and sweet, as well as vinegar-based condiments—became available to Chinese consumers in July 2018. Using e-commerce services and, Woeber’s products can be shipped to any city in China.

Despite consuming less mustard per capita and having fewer purchasing options than their U.S. counterparts, Chinese consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to spice up everyday dishes. As a result, imported mustard sales are growing and Springfield, Ohio-based Woeber’s Mustard Company is enjoying early success in this emerging market.

“While this partnership is in the early stages, we are very excited about the potential this market holds,” says Christopher Woeber, director of operations for Woeber’s Mustard Company. “We’re grateful for the chance to bring our products to Chinese consumers and for their willingness to explore new condiments.”

Woeber’s is elated with this successful transition into a new international market. “My great-grandfather founded our company in 1905,” Woeber says. “After 114 years of creation and curiosity, we’re thrilled to have products all across the globe.”


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