Wixon, a manufacturer of seasonings, flavors, and technologies for the food and beverage industry, has introduced new menu solutions for the foodservice market. Recently showcased at The Flavor Experience conference in Newport Beach, California, the offerings incorporate several of Wixon’s innovative signature flavor systems and technologies.

The products include:

–     Astro Sliders: Ground pork belly sliders strewn with Wixon’s new Savory Malbec & Mango Flavor System and featuring Wixon’s Wix-Fresh Reduced Sodium System (RSS) for meat and Wix-Fresh MinerMax to promote flavor integrity while providing an antioxidant benefit. Suggested served on buttermilk biscuits and topped with Point Reyes bleu cheese.

–    Crunchy Sweet Lowdown Fritters: Crispy chicken and waffle-coated with honey and melted maple butter, these tenders showcase Wixon’s new Slow-Browning Sugar System designed for extended fry times with batters and coatings. Wixon’s Sweet Lift technology enhances sweetness.

–    Santa Maria-Style Tri-Tip & Pork Shoulder: Showcasing Wixon’s new Salmuera Salt Basting Blends, this entrée is recommended served on corn tortillas with So-Co Korean Sauce, Creamy Sriracha, and Strawberry Memphis by Wixon.

–    Bali Bali Seasoned Popcorn: Featuring Wixon’s KCLean Salt technology for reduced sodium.

–    Jerky Mac & Cheese Popcorn: A three-cheese blend paired with a light smokehouse-style beef jerky blend.

Crafted by The Wixon Foodservice Group, a team of seasoned flavor chemists, meat scientists, food technologists and chefs, the menu items were developed in Wixon’s Innovation Center and from globally-sourced ingredients. 

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