Wixon, a manufacturer of seasonings, flavors, and technologies for the food and beverage industry, will feature innovative menu concepts inspired by Asian flavor trends at The Culinary Institute of America’s Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival.

The Conference will be held April 22-24 at CIA at Greystone in Napa Valley, California. Information about the conference can be found at www.worldsofflavor.com.

Consumers continue to enjoy ethnic cuisine outside of the home, with authentic and regional Asian fare driving awareness of global palates. According to the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot in 2014” culinary forecast, more than half of chefs polled predicted that southeast Asian menu concepts in particular will still be a hot trend in 2015. 

Wixon will serve samples of the following items at The Flavor Bar tasting in Greystone’s Spice Island Marketplace April 23 at 10 a.m. and April 24 at 10:15 a.m. The menu concepts were developed in Wixon’s Innovation Center and from globally sourced ingredients by The Wixon Foodservice Group, a team of seasoned flavor chemists, meat scientists, and food technologists.

Thai Isaan Style Sausage Bahn Mi 
Embracing a simple type of cooking with clean flavors, this Vietnamese baguette features Wixon’s Thai Sausage Blend plus fermented pickled daikon radish and carrot with Wixon Pickling Seasoning. Zesty sambal kaffir mayo, with kaffir lime, gives it a hint of tangy heat.

Char Siu Pork Banh Mi
Savory pork tenderloin is crafted with Wixon Char Siu Marinade, a blend of hoisin seasoning, brown sugar, and Chinese five spice powder, and then grilled, sliced, and layered onto a rice baguette. Pickled fennel, sprouted vegetables, and a drizzle of fermented black bean aioli with Wixon’s lightly-spicy Asian Aioli Seasoning finishes it off.

Filipino Lumpia 
A traditional deep-fried eggroll or spring roll, this lumpia is filled with pork flavored by Wixon’s Lumpia Seasoning, a mix of black pepper, brown sugar, soy sauce, ground ginger, and onion. Wixon’s Lumpia Sauce Seasoning adds a kick of crushed red chilies and garlic.

Strawberry Calamansi Kombucha 
This beverage is Wixon’s take on Filipino lemonade featuring fermented tea sweetened with strawberry and calamansi fruit flavors.

Kaffir Lime/Ginger/Thai Chili Kombucha
This unique kombucha features a little spice of chili to help awaken the senses.

“The Wixon Foodservice Group looks forward to presenting its latest food and beverage concepts at Worlds of Flavor and showcasing Wixon’s talent for uncovering market trends and turning them into menu solutions,” says Leda Strand, Wixon vice president of research and development. “Wixon drives back of the house freshness and keeps customers coming back for more, with authentic flavors for starch and protein topical seasonings; same-day seasonings, sauces, and soups; and last-minute textures.”

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