The Wixon Foodservice Group offers creative sweet and savory ideas for cakes, cookies, brownies, and more, driving ‘back of the house’ freshness for its customers’ business.

The mixes and flavors can also be customized for use across all day parts. The fresh menu solutions for dessert include:

Crantastic Cranberry Scone Mix
Great as an on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack, natural flavors paired with sweetened, dried cranberries make for a tart treat.

Erin Go Bragh Fudge Mix
Creamy fudge departs from the traditional with hints of chocolate and coffee, a spike of vanilla, and an infusion of Irish whisky flavor.

Lemon Tart Cookie Mix
Wixon’s cookie mix features real lemon juice and lemon peel, plus a touch of sugar for a crisp, refreshing snack.

Sweet Sensation Sprinkles
Dress up desserts with this topping, crafted from Turbinado sugar, toffee, caramel, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

The Brunette Brownie Mix
A dark dessert made with cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Top it with icing for an added indulgent bite. 

Traditional State Fair Funnel Cake Mix
A festival favorite, this classic fried funnel cake is best served warm and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

The Wixon Foodservice Group helps create on-trend and authentic food flavors that customers demand. Wixon’s sprawling campus houses the Innovation Center, featuring culinary expertise and backed with deep experience from talented flavor chemists, meat scientists, food technologists, and chefs.

Wixon’s spices are sourced fresh from ‘farm to plate,’ selected from its exclusive list of trusted and reliable farmers worldwide. Wixon employees actually walk the fields and handpick spices dried in the sun. In addition, all suppliers are audited and evaluated on a quarterly basis.

Wixon screens, de-stones, cleans, and uses a variety of microbial reduction treatments on all incoming ingredients to ensure microbial contaminants are eliminated. Throughout production and processing, random tests are conducted to maintain product profiles and verify purity, weight, color, viscosity, flavor, texture, and chemical composition.

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