Winston Industries plays a key role within a new degree program at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York. The CIA’s Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) in Culinary Science degree major will use Winston CVap ovens to teach the scientific foundations of food production and prepare students for exciting careers in the culinary industry.

Two courses in the program, Dynamics of Heat Transfer and Advanced Concepts in Precision Temperature Cooking, explore the two fundamental aspects of cooking—heat and water—and delve into the physics underlying cooking methods and their effect on the safety and quality of food. These are also the two aspects that are central to the Controlled Vapor Technology behind every CVap oven.

“This will involve chemistry and biology and offer students one-of-a-kind insight into the ideal cooking method that was perfected by Winston Industries,” says chef Barry Yates of the company. “It’s understanding what happens to food when heated, how moisture and time all play a part. We’re pleased that the CIA is teaching this extraordinary technology to the next generation of chefs.”

The CVap oven uses a patented, dual-heat system and Controlled Vapor Technology to create an ideal balance between temperature and moisture for almost any food. The result is better-tasting food and the ability to prepare food to a prescribed level of doneness, then hold the food for extended periods without overcooking. Winston Industries’ Innovation Lab in Louisville, Kentucky, will be used in the CIA’s course studies for the degree.

Winston Industries has also donated 16 CVap ovens to the culinary college that will be used in the science lab and two kitchens on campus, including The Bocuse Restaurant. The restaurant is an exciting, new, student-staffed venue whose menu is inspired by traditional French regional cuisine, re-envisioned through the lens of modern techniques. 

To celebrate the new baccalaureate major that was launched in February, a reception with Winston Industry representatives was held at the Bocuse Restaurant on May 2nd.


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