Wingers Restaurant & Alehouse announced today that the company has welcomed Abbey Bronzati as its first-ever Director of Health and Wellness.

In this inaugural role, Bronzati – a certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach – focuses on employees’ health and wellness goals while cultivating a culture of growth and accountability. On a regular basis, Bronzati has confidential one-on-one meetings with various Wingers employees across the system to help them remain aligned with their personal goals. Employees can participate in benefits like curated workouts built by Bronzati, a weekly exercise class via Zoom and company run wellness incentive programs.

As director of health and wellness, Bronzati hopes to achieve a 50% engagement rate among Wingers’ 350 employees.

“I feel so fulfilled when I see people succeed and lead the life that they love,” Bronzati says. “I know hospitality employees can be under stress at any given time, let alone during a global pandemic. Working for Wingers is a very unique opportunity where I get to build rapport and provide support to so many. If we’re improving our employees’ overall wellness, that will ultimately carry over to the guest experience. In this position, I’m part of the leadership team, but I’m not here to evaluate anyone’s job performance, which provides a safe space for people to share their thoughts. I always tell everyone I work with that my top priority is to improve their work-life balance and upgrade their life, even if it’s 1% at a time.”

Since Bronzati joined Wingers, the company has seen a strong correlation between the most profitable stores and the managers who are engaged in the health and wellness program.

“Abbey visited Wingers in the fall to do a wellness challenge with our executive and leadership team, which proved to be an incredible benefit to our employees,” sayd Wingers Chief Operating Officer Brandon Howard. “I saw tremendous improvement in teamwork and a sense of unity amongst those participating in the challenge. One of my goals for 2021 was to develop a new culture based on accountability, integrity and action within our frontline teams. Wingers, like most every hospitality-based company, has been heavily impacted with labor shortages. So, I believed that if we were able to add a health and wellness program for our hourly employees it could produce positive retention results, as well as potentially assist with attracting new employees to our company while supporting our new developing culture. We’ve seen Abbey help employees with their personal and professional development, so we can’t wait for her to make an impact on more of the Wingers family.”

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