From Robert Cersaso and Jason Mendenhall (The Wayland and Good Night Sonny), The Wild Son in New York City is an all-day casual restaurant serving only breakfast and lunch from morning until late afternoon. The restaurant has a healthy philosophy of eating, focused on grains, greens, vegetables and healthy meats and fish.

The Wild Son is a balance of both urban and country sensibilities. Mendenhall is taking his expertise in cocktail crafting and putting it towards incredibly interesting non-alcoholic options for its daytime menu. There will be creative juice program as well as nitro cold brew coffee and iced coconut latte both on tap. He has also installed a unique carbonating system that can carbonate any beverage on demand.  The non-alcoholic beverage program is being treated with the same care and sense of fun as his bar programs.

The room is filled with light, plants, and animal art giving, one the feel of a child’s bohemian fantasy jungle.

Some menu items:

  • Good Morning Sunshine (over easy egg, crispy pulled bacon, avocado, tomato with rosemary aioli).
  • New Morning (roasted cauliflower & shishto peppers, soft scrambled eggs, pickled onions, cilantro & jalapeno onion)
  • Blueberry Corn Waffle (warm honey butter & housemade clabber cream)
  • Grain & Egg Bowl (crispy fried grains, diced seasonal vegetables, market greens & a sunny egg, green chili sauce)
  • Housemade Baked Donuts (sweetpea—all the way)
  • Dark Lemon Soda (lemon, honey, salt, activated charcoal)
  • Mango & Turmeric Sparkling Shrub
  • Carbonated Watermelon Fresca
  • Coconut Chia Horchata
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