Wild Flavors created the Wild Global Flavor Council to consolidate and leverage the knowledge and expertise of worldwide employees to allow for a deeper focus on flavors.  Marie Wright, Wild’s chief global flavorist, will be responsible for leading the Wild Global Flavor Council.  Wright plans to utilize her own expertise and attitude to strengthen and grow the Council to be industry leading.

The Wild Global Council involves leaders from a variety of cross-functional disciplines and regional leaders in areas such as flavor creations, research and innovation, operations, supply chain, regulatory, legal, aroma chemicals, and mint. Wild will capitalize on its global flavor expertise to support the flavor strategy for increased growth in sales across all product categories (beverage, confectionery, culinary, dairy, mint, and savory).

The Wild Global Flavor Council is responsible for ensuring each region’s flavor team is “best in class” in the flavor industry and able to provide successful solutions for our customers.  The Council’s initiatives will focus in achieving excellence in all aspects of flavor development.  The flavorists will be guaranteed the best tools available, an elegant and robust raw material database used to create regional and global flavor portfolios while maintaining a solid innovation pipeline of new technologies and ingredients desired and required by the marketplace.  Michael H. Ponder, the Global CEO of Wild Flavors GmbH says, “The formation of the Council brings together Wild’s worldwide technical capabilities in flavors while seamlessly being linked to the business to allow for excellence in service to both regional and global customers.”

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