WhutsFree, the app that brings free deals (no purchase necessary) to consumers, announced today that it will expand its advertising platform nationwide and make all of its hyperlocal advertising services free to restaurants and other retailers and small businesses who have been impacted by COVID-19. This announcement comes on the heels of a successful beta test that took place in Orange County, CA and St. George, UT.

“We created WhutsFree to help local businesses connect with customers by allowing them to offer a free deal, which would motivate new customers to come in and try the company’s products or services with no strings attached,” says Loren Dalton, CEO and co-founder of WhutsFree. “After seeing what this has done for early users, we have decided to offer our platform to struggling restaurants and retailers at no cost during this unprecedented time.”

WhutsFree is a consumer facing mobile app that brings a weekly free deal to each user. Weekly deals range from a free burger and fries to a free car wash. The user just needs to show the deal at the point of sale and then receive the offer. By allowing consumers to visit their location and have a positive experience, businesses who advertise on WhutsFree are able to build their customer base. 

“I am always looking for ways to get more patrons in my doors and build a loyal customer base,” says Felipe Ramirez, manager at Avery Car Wash. “WhutsFree checked all the boxes for me. It was a great way to bring in new customers.”

Early tests of WhutsFree show that more than half of people who have redeemed their free offer have also chosen to purchase something else during their visit. Many customers also returned because of follow up coupons offered through the app.

“We are thrilled that both advertisers and consumers are loving the app,” continues Dalton. “At the end of the day, nothing beats free.”

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