Anthony Vipond and Chef Chad Crete’s new restaurant, Whiskey Bird, is now open in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood. Whiskey Bird’s name is two-fold inspired by the spirit whiskey and the traditional Japanese yakitori. The inspiration for the restaurant dates back to 2003 when Crete and Vipond met in 2003 at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. The two quickly became friends and before long the pair was throwing weekly dinner parties for their close friends. Word got around of the duo’s talent for cooking and soon the number of others wanting to come try their dishes led to expanding their table.  With many late night cooking sessions, farmer’s market runs and entertaining family and friends, their friendship strengthened over the years. Their passion for food and entertaining sparked up an idea to one day open a restaurant and, after much hard work, Crete and Vipond turned that idea into a reality.

The Whiskey Bird menu brings together unique Asian flavors with the diversity of American cuisine and techniques. The blend of both elements by Chef Crete results in dishes that are exclusive to Whiskey Bird and embody the inventive and creative spirit of the restaurant. The menu features a variety of small plates that highlight yakitori, including a Yakitori Roulette of chef’s selection. The menu also boasts a variety of Hong Kong Sliders served on bao, Gyoza Tacos and a selection of larger “entrée” sized plates which includes a 72 Hour Ribeye.

“I think it’s important to have options for vegetarians that are not just sides,” says Chef Crete. “We wanted dishes that vegetarians could be excited about, just as much as the omnivore sitting down beside them having a rib-eye. Also, our cocktail program highlights simple, classic cocktails that goes back to executing the basics perfectly.”

The bar program is whiskey focused but also has a healthy offering of red and white wine, beer and spirits. The cocktail program, led by Vipond, highlights classic, whiskey, and old fashioned cocktails. The interior of Whiskey Bird boasts crisp, modern décor with ample natural light. The restaurant seats 100, which includes the main dining room, bar and outdoor patio.

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