Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) has launched a mobile application that offers easy, portable, access to WFF tools and information. The app, called WFF Access, serves as a navigable mobile version of the organization’s website. The app’s release comes right in time for the WFF’s Annual Leadership Development Conference in Orlando, Florida, April 14-17. Some key features of the app include WFF event schedules and social media feeds. The app also provides a central hub for connecting with other members based on similar interests, job function, or industry.

“In addition to centralized communication, WFF Access will serve as a year-round resource for our members,” says Kelly Primus, vice president of marketing and communication at WFF.

“Having WFF at their fingertips allows our members to stay connected with each other and keep track of our growing calendar of programs and events.”

Also available within WFF Access is a sub-app specifically for the WFF’s hallmark event, the Annual Leadership Development Conference. This section of the application allows users to find information about the event, see their Conference session schedules and connect with other attendees.

WFF Access is free and available now for all smart devices. Apple and Android devices should earch for “WFF Access” in the AppStore or Market. All other internet-enabled phones should follow this link to access the app.

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