West Liberty, Iowa-based West Liberty Foods recently announced the company has completed a month of charitable giving, having donated nearly 100,000 pounds of turkey breast to food bank organizations in Iowa, Illinois, and Utah.

“As a food company that has reach across the nation, it was an easy decision to donate our protein offerings to people in need,” says Brandon Achen, West Liberty Foods President & CEO. “This year, we selected several area food bank organizations that we know service the communities in which we operate. It is our hope that we can have a positive impact on those struggling with hunger this holiday season.”

West Liberty Foods completed deliveries to five organizations in Iowa, two food banks in Illinois, and Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah, totaling approximately 99,500 pounds of frozen, fully cooked turkey breast lobes–a ready-to-heat protein offering ideal for upcoming holiday meals.

“Utah Food Bank is so grateful to West Liberty Foods for close to 36,000 pounds of turkey lobes,” says Ginette Bott, Utah Food Bank President & CEO. “This nutritious protein is something that is rarely donated, and much appreciated by Utahns who are facing hunger. This  donation comes at a crucial time of year as the holidays approach, and we look forward to being able to distribute it to our clients to help make their holiday celebrations special.”

“What a gift to receive nearly 8,000 fully cooked turkey breasts!” says Michelle Book, Food Bank of Iowa CEO. “This lean, delicious protein could not have come at a better time for Iowa families facing food insecurity this holiday season. West Liberty Foods continues to be a steadfast retail partner of Food Bank of Iowa, and in this month of gratitude we are especially grateful for their generous support.”

On average, West Liberty Foods donates nearly 50,000 pounds of food products annually to various organizations, local charities, and events.

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