Studies have shown that the simple act of showing pictures of food to a customer can increase a restaurant’s revenue up to 20 percent. However, there are many complications for restaurants in providing these pictures. Many restaurants have great difficulty in displaying pictures of all food items as it requires an enormous amount of space where traditional menus do not have the capability of presenting them in a charming manner. 

Furthermore, most restaurants do not have the knowledge or the resources to develop and maintain a mobile application, let alone convince enough users to download and install such an application for it to be a worthwhile investment for their business. Fortunately, WebiTap delivers a solution by providing restaurants with an interactive menu that is both cost effective and elegant.

WebiTap aims to create a visually appealing cloud-based application that will display the menu of a restaurant with a tap of a smartphone over an appropriately placed RFID tag. The digital version of the menu will not only contain multiple photos of all the menu items, but it will also allow for comments and ratings of individual items as well as a recommendation engine that will recommend items that the costumer will be interested in based on past history of eating habits. WebiTap’s technologies will not require the customer to download or install any application.

“We are bridging the gap between your physical and digital worlds,” says founder and CEO Edwin Telemi. “The user gets to experience an app that is tailored to their preferences and relevant moment. All of this, without having to install anything on their phone, thus, alleviating a huge barrier of entry: getting people to install an app.”

Customers of WebiTap enabled restaurants will also be able to pay straight from their smartphone. The user’s credit card information will be stored in a secure server and charged once the customer places an order at the restaurant, thus alleviating the need for a check or waiting in line at a cash register. An automatic tip calculator will also encourage customers to give a full 15 to 20 percent tip. An additional analytics tool will provide restaurant owners with easy-to-use analytics about the items on their menu, so that they can revise their menu to better fit the demands of their customers. Moreover, WebiTap will allow restaurants to send their customers coupons and offers and deploy a rewards program that will help increase customer loyalty.

While this service will help restaurants dramatically, Telemi also strives to create a better dining experience for the customer. “We are currently working to bring this technology to restaurants where digital interactive content would really enhance a customer’s experience. Imagine being able to see pictures, videos, comments and ratings of food items on the menu, play games, and participate in rewards programs all without having to install an endless number of apps that you rarely use”.

It is the goal of WebiTap to not only make ordering food at a restaurant more enjoyable and efficient, but most importantly, it will also significantly increase the revenue of participating restaurants.

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