Leading delivery management software for restaurants across the United States, VROMO, has announced a new partnership with all-in-one digital ordering platform Chowly. This latest collaboration will facilitate easier aggregation of order management systems and delivery fleets, helping boost restaurant profitability. With offices in New York, VROMO is a revolutionary software solution that helps multi-unit restaurants operate an efficient delivery model at scale, while providing engaging customer experiences by sending customizable marketing campaigns to customers via SMS.

Born out of the rapid growth in the number of restaurants seeking to increase their delivery costs and profitability, this latest deal has been nine months in the making and is now being recognized as a deployable integration, following the successful completion of thousands of delivery orders across the United States. This new partnership will provide restaurants with a system that they can adjust and adapt to every operation at a locational level. The integration works by connecting to existing restaurant operations.

VROMO helps restaurants to operate efficient delivery at scale, whilst providing end customers with a branded, digital tracking experience, from the restaurant to their home. Integrated with Point of Sale systems, VROMO makes the entire restaurant-to-door process easier to manage for businesses and allows them to monitor the progress of each consignment. This serves to reduce delivery times by up to 20 percent.

Chowly, meanwhile, is a leading integrator linking all orders from the digital ecosystem with point-of-sale systems. Its restaurant technology enables merchants to expand their off-premise capabilities, assisting in streamlined operations and revenue growth. Partners who already leverage the capabilities of Chowly for all incoming orders, can now also have the same control over the fulfillment options available to them through using the VROMO integration. By focusing on their respective strengths, both companies will continue to drive innovation in the industry, and increase the overall profit margins for their shared restaurant customers.

According to the 2023 State of the Industry Report from the National Restaurant Association, the foodservice industry in the US is forecast to reach $997B in sales in 2023, with 47% of operators expecting competition to be more intense than 2022. Embracing technology and innovation is key for businesses in the sector, with a recent study from Statista finding that revenue in the online food delivery market is projected to reach US$269.80bn in 2023.

Speaking about this latest partnership with all-in-one digital ordering platform Chowly, VROMO Chief Executive Officer, Brian Hickey says:

“At VROMO, we pride ourselves on bringing only like minded and operator-focused partners into our ecosystem and Chowly certainly ticks that box. With an exceptional team, a market leading SMB and mid-market product, and a relentless focus on the user, Chowly has shown itself to have the same drive, desire and DNA as VROMO.”

Chowly Partnership Director, Dan Puma, adds:

“We could not be more excited for our partnership with VROMO, because we believe the VROMO team and product are one-of-a-kind. Combining our two technologies will enable efficiency and cost savings across the entire restaurant space, allowing restaurants to focus on what they do best – make great food.”

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