With rapid growth in 2023, the “anti-franchise franchise” continues to be the fastest-growing brewpub franchise, now expanding in Las Vegas with an opening at 1415 S. Commerce St.

Voodoo Brewing Co., the high-energy, less than traditional brewpub franchise, has more growth on the horizon with its upcoming opening in Las Vegas. The new brewpub, located at 1415 S. Commerce St #105, Las Vegas, NV. 89102, is the first in the Las Vegas market, a key growth area for Voodoo Brewing Co., and is projected to open December 9th, 2023. 

“This is just the next step in our growth plans,” said Matteo Rochacki, CEO of Voodoo Franchise Group. “We are pumped to be growing in Las Vegas, and we know Alison Wainwright will do a great job representing the brand and creating that community-first brewpub feel we all know and love.” 

Alison Wainwright, CEO of Las Vegas Mannequins, will be leading the brand’s expansion in Las Vegas. When looking for her next investment opportunity, Wainwright came across Voodoo Brewing Co. and knew the one-of-a-kind concept was the perfect fit. She was initially drawn to the brand for its distinctive aesthetic and artwork, but was inspired to get involved upon seeing how the Voodoo crew treated everyone like one big family. 

“Voodoo Brewing Co. has consistently seen a strong response from guests across the country, both in its brewpubs and through retail sales,” said Wainwright. “Knowing this, I am incredibly excited to be bringing the concept to my own hometown.” 

The Las Vegas deal will bring the brand’s second location to Nevada, a major milestone as Voodoo Brewing Co. continues to work toward selling out the country. 

Like all Voodoo Brewing Co. locations, the Las Vegas brewpub will feature a customized logo, menu items tailored to local tastes, consistent community events, Voodoo Brewing Co.’s iconic “liquid gold” craft beer, craft cocktails and hard seltzers. 

As it continues to take hold of its place in the $115 billion U.S. beer market, Voodoo Brewing Co. remains the fastest-growing brewpub franchise in the world. With a place for Voodoo Brewing Co. in nearly every market, thanks to its community-first approach and flexibility for franchisees to customize the experience.

“We’re excited to continue growing with passionate local owners who are ready to create a local brewpub that can become a go-to place for community events and connection,” added Rochacki. “For entrepreneurs looking to break into the industry, Voodoo Brewing Co. offers an ideal balance of flexibility and support. Franchisees can take ownership of their local brewpub knowing they have the backing of an experienced team, incredible craft brewers and a world-renowned name.” 

Looking to its future growth, the team is ready to grow in markets across the nation. With a dedicated franchisee, the iconic Voodoo Brewing Co. experience can be curated in a range of communities. The team is focused on partnering with the right people who bring ideals and a level of passion in line with the Voodoo Brewing Co. mission.

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