Vollrath Company expands its cleaning and safety equipment offering with another product that helps prevent the spread of germs and contaminants. The new double-sided hand washing station provides both customers and employees an easy and convenient space to wash their hands anywhere sanitation is of concern in a building. Outfitted with a pair of sinks separated by a safety guard, each side of the unit features a sink, faucet with foot pedal for hands-free operation, soap dispenser, and towel dispenser.

“In the current health crisis businesses are looking for ways they can help keep their employees and guests safe and this double-sided hand washing station is a convenient and versatile option,” says Brian Hedlund, vice president of Serving Systems and Components for Vollrath.

This wash station can be stationary or mobile and is equipped with a 10-gallon fresh water tank and a 13-gallon waste water tank, making it ideal not just for indoor use but also for outdoor events or group outings.

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