Today’s customers are concerned about health, and with good reason. According to a recent study, only 5 percent of people wash their hands long enough to thoroughly remove harmful organisms. Driven by such consumer demand for sanitary products, The Vollrath Company, LLC, has increased its dispensing product offerings for self-serve operations.

New and improved, the LidSaver 2 Dispensers continue to deliver savings, convenience, and improved hygiene by simply dispensing a single clean lid when its door is opened. The enhanced model improves upon the original design with fewer parts to make cleaning and maintenance easier, along with a lid overload protection feature. The more stylish, narrower design is ideal for in-counter layouts and a space saver for countertop models.

LidSaver was found to reduce total bioburden by over 40 percent, including an over 80 percent decrease in yeast and mold counts.

The simple-to-use design allows customers to fill beverages and put on lids using only one hand. Each LidSaver 2 holds approximately a full sleeve of lids, making frequent restocking unnecessary. Moreover, it dispenses more kinds of lids than any other single lid dispenser and eliminates the messy, unsanitary, and wasteful pile of lids that are often seen at quick-serve operations.

In fact, Vollrath LidSaver products reduced the lid use of one major chain restaurant by 30 percent. With no need to sift through a stack to find a sanitary lid, more customers used the first lid they were presented.

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