Portland, Maine-based Voice Teleservices has joined the MMS Catering Institute Industry Affiliation Program, created to certify and connect industry consultants and suppliers with restaurants and their catering operations.

The MMS Catering Institute focuses on the education and training needs of restaurant operators, franchisors, franchisees, and their catering team members.  The learning tools also extend to industry suppliers in the restaurant and foodservice industries.

The institute’s purpose is to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase profits by teaching them to become experts at feeding their customers where they live, work and play.  The MMS Catering Institute’s vendor certification designation is relevant for industry partners looking to become certified in the Five Pillars of Restaurant Catering.  Education and certification programs are focused on the areas of:

  1. Leadership
  2. Centralized Services
  3. Sales and Marketing
  4. Operations
  5. Delivery

Voice Teleservices, a boutique-quality call center headquartered in Portland, Maine, is the newest addition to the Industry Affiliation Program and is the third vendor affiliate partner since the MMS Catering Institute launch in early 2013.

Voice Teleservices works with restaurant clients to handle inbound telephone orders in addition to conducting outbound business-to-business sales calls to recruit catering customers. Through support for both sales and marketing within an organization, Voice Teleservices conducts market research on target areas to ensure restaurant clients are actively reaching out to potential catering customers in their delivery area.

“Voice Teleservices has a track record of delivering high quality centralized services to restaurant companies. We are proud to have been selected by the MMS Catering Institute and certified as a partner by the thought leader in the catering solutions space,” says David Sawicki, president, Voice Teleservices. “We look forward to providing centralized call center services for the restaurant industry, especially in the restaurant catering channel.

Throughout the certification process the team at Voice Teleservices participated in training classes, were provided with educational manuals, and received ongoing progress assessments. This partnership means that Voice Teleservices can continue to work in tandem with the MMS Catering Institute to provide superior service to restaurant catering clients.

“David and the team at Voice Teleservices not only get catering, they get hospitality! The team excels at making the most of the time catering decision makers provide on the phone, and artfully build trust and confidence with every call. They display energy and great passion for world class service,” says Wayne Alexander, MMS Catering Institute president.

The Industry Affiliation Program is available to restaurant and foodservice consultants, supply chain vendors and service providers who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to restaurants in the catering revenue channel.

“Having Voice Teleservices as our next industry affiliate is a testament to the importance of the services they offer to their restaurant catering clients. Through this program, we are able to provide additional catering support to our industry partners and their customers,” said Erle Dardick, CEO of MonkeyMedia Software& Founder of the MMS Catering Institute. “We launched the MMS Catering Institute’s services to complement our strong SaaS business solution, MonkeyCatering, which helps restaurant operators scale their catering operations across existing restaurant assets. As a company primarily built on a world-class software solution, it made sense for us to standardize catering industry best practices so restaurant companies can make the best use of our software solution," Dardick said.



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