Bite Ninja, the tech company helping restaurants enable a virtual workforce, announces the acquisition of Zenu, pioneers in intuitive integration software for restaurants. The Zenu team will be joining the Bite Ninja ranks to continue to hone the company’s digital capabilities and make it easier for drive-thru stores and customers to use virtual technology to place and process orders.

As Bite Ninja makes its drive-thru ordering technology and remote waitstaff available nationwide, the company continues to seek ways to expand its team with advanced coders. With the acquisition of Zenu, co-founders Will Clem and Orin Wilson were able to bolster the talent needed to advance Bite Ninja’s growth to partner with additional restaurants.

“In the next few months, we will be piloting and onboarding Ninjas at restaurants nationwide. One of our team’s top priorities is ensuring our products wouldn’t outpace our team,” says Will Clem, Co-Founder of Bite Ninja. “Zenu’s proprietary coding and overall knowledge of the restaurant space are the ideal way to keep our growth on-track. We’re looking forward to having the brainpower behind the Zenu team aligned with the Bite Ninja mission.”

“Disruption is never an easy task, especially for an industry that has been around well over a century, but the Bite Ninja team were early believers in our concept back in 2019, and to now come together is very exciting,” says Jared Fullwiler, Co-Founder of Zenu. “We foresaw a labor crunch in the restaurant industry approaching and were subsequently working on the same problem of how to help restaurants digitalize and get more efficient, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit this really accelerated this need and it was perfect timing as we had just come out of 500 Startups (Kobe) accelerator and they [Bite Ninaj] Y combinator.”

Bite Ninja was born at Clem’s drive-thru, Baby Jack’s, in Tennessee. One Friday night, Will decided to prop his laptop at the drive-through lane and take orders from home by remoting into the system and… no one noticed he wasn’t in the kitchen. Today, the company boasts 3,000 US-based Ninjas trained and ready to take on shifts from home.

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