In today’s digital world and the increasing prominence of social media in everyday life, a dining experience has become something to share with everyone you know, instantly. In 2018, creative plating presentation importance is at an all-time high with trendy foodies looking to photograph a dish before a single bite.

To Vertex China a plate isn’t merely a serving platform, but an opportunity to be an extravagant canvas harmonizing the entire dining experience. With the new Elements additions, this is achieved by using a variety of shapes, an intricate embossing technique, and three sleek interchangeable colors in a matte finish perfectly designed for stylistic functionality. The introduction of these new Elements pieces will change the perspective of plating in any kitchen.

The diversity in shapes within the new Elements items enables a wide array of uses. From gastro pubs, to higher end a la carte dining, there isn’t much this collection doesn’t do. Along with the universality between the three chic colors, melodic combinations and mixing to match possibilities are endless for tabletop presentations. Incredible dark contrast from the black Onyx, a welcomed warmth from the grey Stone and a classic yet new aesthetic white with Chalk; bring variation and effortless fluidity to menu arrangements.

“We love creative and exciting dinnerware and brining the most exciting shapes and colors to the culinarian.  The new Elements items are the first of many new introductions for 2018 that we are very excited about,” says James Schulze, Vertex China’s president/CEO. 

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