Verlasso, the world's first provider of harmoniously raised fish, expanded its market presence through a distribution deal with industry and sustainability leader, Samuels & Son. This relationship marks Verlasso's continued expansion on the East Coast, with additional visibility throughout the Mid-Atlantic, including Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

This distribution relationship comes on the heels of Verlasso's growth on the West Coast, including Portland and Berkeley.

Verlasso is transforming the aquaculture industry by bringing a new category of farmed salmon to the marketplace that targets consumers who care about how their food is raised and where it comes from. Verlasso's innovative, harmoniously raised approach to farming produces a high quality, great tasting salmon that promotes a strong balance between consumers' nutritional needs and the needs of the environment.

"Through Samuels & Son, Verlasso is now readily accessible to premium restaurants and other quality purveyors in the Mid-Atlantic region," explains Scott Nichols, director of Verlasso.

"Since our launch in September 2011, we have received highly favorable feedback from chefs and their customers about Verlasso's mild flavor and silky texture. It's an ideal product for chefs wanting to provide a leaner fish than traditionally farmed salmon that also reduces the impact on the eco-system."

"At Samuels & Son, we pride ourselves in being a supplier of the finest seafood products available, and are committed to working with farmers who are dedicated to providing the most sustainable practices possible," said Sam D'Angelo, president and CEO of Samuels & Son. "Verlasso's harmoniously raised salmon provides our customers with a great tasting, high-quality salmon that is unmatched in the marketplace."

Verlasso's most significant innovation is its use of 75 percent fewer feeder fish to produce healthy salmon rich in Omega-3s. In traditional salmon farms, salmon get their Omega-3s from fish oils provided by wild-caught feeder fish, which puts a significant strain on our oceans.

Typically it takes four or more pounds of feeder fish to raise one pound of salmon—what's known as the "fish in, fish out" ratio. Verlasso drops the "fish in" number from four down to one without changing the level of Omega-3s.

Verlasso's presence has actively grown since coming onto the market mid last year. Through its relationship with Samuels & Son, Verlasso also has greater potential reach in the New York and Las Vegas markets, providing even further growth in the near future.

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