Verday Chlorophyll Water launched its fifth new flavor, Blueberry, expanding the line of deliciously refreshing healthy green waters. Also announcing today, the full line will now be available through Statewide Beverage Company, direct store delivery, in Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

“Verday Chlorophyll Water was particularly attractive for Statewide because it is a shelf stable green beverage” says Jeff Javidzad, CEO of Statewide Beverage Company “The product tastes great, looks great, provides the benefits consumers are looking for with the convenience and cost savings of 1 year of shelf stability.”

“We are very excited for the expanded distribution coverage this will bring us,” says Randy Kohana, founder and CEO of Verday. “We have seen real growth in the media coverage of Chlorophyll as a ‘Healthy Trend for 2017’ and we feel that Statewide Beverage is a perfect partner to reach our target customers in Southern California”.

Now available in Blueberry, Watermelon, Coconut, Cucumber and Lemongrass Ginger, Verday Chlorophyll Water is the first refreshingly delicious shelf-stable beverage that provides the antioxidant and detoxifying benefits of Green Juice with zero calories, zero diet sweeteners, zero preservatives, zero GMO-ingredients.

Verday utilizes the brand management services of Cascadia Managing Brands, based in Ramsey, New Jersey, to assist with their sales and marketing efforts.

Verday Chlorophyll Water is also available in stores in New York and nationwide through leading natural-channel distributors KeHe and UNFI.

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