Vegy Vida, the only dip made especially for kids to help them enjoy the taste of vegetables, is expanding into all 270 Safeway locations in Northern California as part of its commitment to improving childhood nutrition.

Created by natural foods scientist Josh Young, Vegy Vida is a 100 percent all-natural dip formulated for children’s sensitive palates. Kids have three times more taste buds than adults, and therefore find many foods, including vegetables, bitter and unappealing. Vegy Vida is made with a special ingredient, derived from an extract of cucumber, which naturally softens veggie flavor.

“The special extract in Vegy Vida softens the bitterness of vegetables without masking their flavor, so kids can acquire a taste for them and have a healthy relationship with them,” Young said. “Nine in 10 kids do not eat enough vegetables on a daily basis, which means they aren’t getting key vitamins and nutrients necessary to develop healthy bodies and minds.”

Roughly 17 percent of American children (12.7 million) are obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Vegetables not only help to maintain healthy weight, but they also boost a body’s immunity against disease and promote good eye, bone, tissue and digestive health.

Vegy Vida works by changing the way bitter compounds in foods interact with our taste receptors—the cucumber extract combines with these compounds to prevent them from being perceived by taste buds. Young discovered the extract while searching for an ingredient that would improve food flavors without sugars or artificial ingredients.

Wanting to use his discovery in a meaningful way, Young chose to make a dip that kids would love. He enrolled the help of real experts – moms – to create just the right solution. Together, they created Vegy Vida in five kid-friendly flavors; Creamy Ranch, Cheesy Cheddar, Savory Bacon, Zesty Southwest and Cool Buffalo, in a clean-squeeze bottle designed for use by kids.

Vegy Vida is great for dipping with raw vegetables, topping on warm veggies and for use as an ingredient in cooked recipes. Each flavor contains simple ingredients even kids can pronounce. Made in the United States, Vegy Vida has no sugar or artificial preservatives; contains extra protein for growing bodies; is free of GMO, nuts, soy and gluten; and is kosher.

Vegy Vida will soon be available in the produce section at the 270 Safeway stores located in northern California for a suggested retail price of $3.99 per bottle.

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