Vancouver-based tech start up Foodtree Media, Inc. is excited to announce a new partnership with local restaurants including Bishop’s, Refuel, and Nicli Pizzeria, heralding the next step in promoting transparency in food information.

From 20 January 2012, participating Vancouver restaurants are including quick response codes on their menus that will allow diners to use their smartphones to access information about the ingredients involved in creating their meal.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria Owner Bill McCaig says, “People care about what they’re putting into their bodies and I see Foodtree as the perfect venue for Nicli to communicate that information. To learn about the farm that produced the hogs for our wild boar sausage with just one click is very powerful.”

Scanning the QR code takes the diner to a smartphone-optimized website outlining the farms, wineries, breweries, coffee roasters, and other artisans that are connected to the restaurant.

Information available includes location, production practices, social media contacts, and photos, along with where else to buy the products.

Foodtree’s free iPhone application and website enable food lovers to participate as well, by contributing photos tagged with details on where to buy the foods they love and where those foods are from.

These tools drive a crowd-sourced mapping of the food web and integrate with prevalent social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

“We are excited to be involved with Foodtree as they launch this incredible program. They are using new technology to connect a computer savvy generation, who care about where their food comes from, to grass roots farmers and purveyors,” says Katharine Manson, GM Refuel Restaurant.

Participating restaurants include: Bishop’s, Refuel, Campagnolo Roma, Relish Gastropub, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, and Nicli Antica Pizzeria.

Foodtree founder, Chef and CEO Anthony Nicalo is pleased by the enthusiasm Vancouver restaurants are showing for sharing details about their sourcing and fostering a deeper connection with their customers.

“While the internet has fundamentally transformed industries like music and publishing, the power of communication and transparency is just beginning to impact food. It’s fantastic to see Vancouver restaurants embracing openness and transparency.”

Foodtree is Vancouver, BC – based technology company founded by chef and entrepreneur Anthony Nicalo and co-founder Derek Shanahan. Foodtree has created a platform which makes it easy to share food information, with the aim of connecting people with each other and the planet through food. Since Dec. 2009, Foodtree has been building a global, comprehensive source of information about food and food sources and origins.

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