While the debate over the greatness of milk versus dark chocolate continues to rage, chefs and chocolatiers who love each can enjoy a meeting of the minds about Valrhona’s extraordinary new Bahibe, which hovers just on the edge of darkness. And those who appreciate both will be in bliss, armed with a new flavor to create wondrous desserts and confections.  With a remarkable 46 percent cocoa content, this new addition to Valrhona’s Grand Cru collection combines the silky smooth notes of a milk chocolate with the bold character of a dark chocolate, to reveal its unique, delicately complex nature.

Made from 100 percent Dominican Republic cocoa beans, Bahibe takes its name from the “Bayahibe Rose,” a distinctive cactus flower native to the Caribbean nation, and its flavor reflects the terroir of the carefully selected beans used in its production. At the heart of milk chocolate, but flirting with the edge of darkness, Bahibe 46 percent enhances the smoothness of milk with intense notes of cocoa and a touch of dried fruit, before revealing its fruity tanginess and slight bitterness.

Bahibe’s recommended uses include bonbon ganache, molding, pastry ganache, mousse, sauces, ice creams and sorbets, chocolate drinks, decoration, glaze, and cream. And, with a creamy texture and deep cocoa notes, this milk chocolate Grand Cru pairs ideally with sweet fruits (banana, pineapple, tangerine/orange, pear, and dried fruits), pralines, spices (vanilla, pepper, fleur de sel), coffee, caramel, cookies/cereals, and toasted sesame.


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