USA Rice Federation is featuring new, innovative whole grain rice products developed by U.S. rice companies to provide chefs with more options for healthful menu items. Joining kitchen staples like enriched white and brown rice, these new players include seasoned whole grain rice blends, sprouted rice, and whole grain aromatics—all are 100 percent whole grain and made with domestically grown rice. 

  • Sprouted Rice: brown rice that is allowed to germinate until the flavor and nutritional benefits are maximized. Its mild nutty flavor is a cross between white and brown rice. Long popular in Asian cultures, sprouted rice increases access to a naturally occurring amino acid (GABA) that is said to provide health benefits. 
  • Whole Grain Aromatic Rice: all the aromatic qualities of jasmine and basmati combined with the nutritional benefits of whole grain brown rice.
  • Lightly Milled Sprouted Brown Rice: germinated until the flavor and nutritional benefits are maximized, this sprouted rice is lightly milled to create a faster cooking brown rice.
  • Ready to Heat Whole Grain Brown Rice: always ready to enjoy—in just 45 seconds with single-serve cups, and in only 90 seconds with the microwaveable pouch. Both convenient options offer delicious, healthy whole grain goodness with less prep and mess.
  • Parboiled Brown Rice: with a distinct nutty and sweet flavor, this rice cooks in just 25 minutes and results in a cooked product with separate and fluffy grains.
  • Rice Blends: a blend of multiple whole grain rice types creates a versatile product that pairs well with all flavors and food types.
  • Flavored Brown Rice: a great option that can be incorporated across the menu. While providing the benefit of whole grains, these varieties offer bold flavors to enhance any meal.
  • Colored Rice: a top foodservice trend, colored rice, like red and black, adds visual appeal.

“Chefs know that creating nutrient-rich dishes without sacrificing flavor will satisfy customers who want good-for-you options when dining out. The U.S. rice industry is committed to developing innovative products that enable operators to boost their whole grain offerings. Now and in the future, U.S.-grown rice is the essential ingredient for creating menu items that are unique, wholesome and delicious,” says Anne Banville, vice president of Domestic Promotion for USA Rice Federation.

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