US Foods announced the launch of Spring 2021 Scoop, “Hungry for Better,” which features products that cater to consumers’ growing interest in dining options that support their planet, their communities and themselves. Today’s consumers are more deliberate and conscientious about their dining choices and are seeking products with simple and authentic ingredients that can also satisfy specific dietary needs. At the same time, they are also demanding products with sustainable attributes, and research shows that these consumer behaviors have only intensified since the start of the pandemic.

To meet this growing need, US Foods Spring Scoop highlights 21 products that offer a well-being and/or sustainable attribute and are part of the company’s growing portfolio of products under the Hungry for Better initiative.

“With Spring Scoop, we are focusing on products that support our Hungry for Better initiative,” says Stacey Kinkaid, vice president, product development and innovation, US Foods. “Understandably, today’s diners are concerned about ways they can enhance their diet and minimize their impact on the environment. Spring Scoop was developed to not only address an elevated focus on well-being but also offers products that align with consumers’ continued interest in sustainable products. Hungry for Better answers these demands with offerings that may have once been considered ‘trendy’ but are now table stakes.”

The US Foods Hungry for Better initiative focuses on product innovation under three key pillars: well-being, which includes products made with simple ingredients, plant-forward products and functional foods that contain at least one positive nutrient content claim; sustainable products that are responsibly sourced or contribute to waste reduction; and locally sourced products. As always, Spring Scoop products are designed to provide versatile, labor-savings solutions ideal for dine-in and takeout.

Well-Being Products To Wow Diners

US Foods understands that today’s consumer wants to eat smart, and the events of 2020 have only elevated their efforts. Many consumers have made dietary and lifestyle changes since the start of the pandemic, with research showing that 31 percent of consumers said they’ve been trying to eat less meat since coronavirus began and 86 percent of consumers are equally or more concerned about nutritional content since the onset of the pandemic. Spring Scoop offers a range of options to meet these needs, with plant-forward products, items with a clean-label profile and functional foods.

Molly’s Kitchen Plant-Based Breakfast Saus’ge Patty: A savory vegan breakfast sausage with notes of sage and black pepper. As part of the company’s Serve Good program line-up, this product is Non-GMO Project Verified. Made with soy protein, the patty provides nine grams of protein and contains 75 percent less fat than pork sausage. The patty is perfect in a breakfast sandwich, layered in a vegan Benedict or simply on the side with pancakes or waffles.

Molly’s Kitchen Vegetarian Breaded Chik’n Patty: This breaded patty is prepared with similar ingredients as the company’s popular Molly’s Kitchen Meatless Breaded Boneless Wings and offers 13 grams of protein per patty. The patty is ideal for sandwiches, a center-of-plate protein option, or even sliced up and added to a salad.

Chef’s Line Mild Taco Flavored Quinoa Crumbles: Lightly seasoned with taco-style seasoning, these vegan quinoa crumbles blend well with a variety of traditional Mexican-style dishes and can act as a substitute for ground beef. Ready to crumble and cook, this item also complies with US Foods’ Unpronounceables List aimed at producing products with simple, more recognizable ingredients.

Roseli Premium Gluten-Free 100 percent Red Lentil Rotini: Made with a single ingredient, 100 percent red lentil rotini pasta tastes great and is an excellent source of fiber and a good source of protein. As part of the company’s Serve Good6 program lineup, this product is made entirely of lentils and is gluten-free certified and Non-GMO Project Verified. These traditionally shaped rotini are a versatile and simple alternative for any pasta recipe.

Chef’s Line Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Flatbread: This vegan flatbread is imported from Italy and is made with premium ingredients such as sweet potatoes, chickpea flour and sunflower oil. The product is gluten-free certified and also complies with US Foods’ Unpronounceables List aimed at producing products with simple, more recognizable ingredients. The flatbread is perfect for a shareable flatbread appetizer or as an entrée pizza with a plethora of toppings.

Serving Good with Sustainable Products

Fifty percent of consumers report that the pandemic has made them more concerned about the environment. Even after the pandemic is over, sustainability must remain top-of-mind for operators; 86 percent of consumers say sustainability will be equally or more important when the pandemic subsides.

Monogram 32 oz. Pulp Folding Containers: These 32-oz. sustainable containers are made of bagasse fiber, which comes from sugarcane. As part of the company’s Serve Good6 program lineup, this product is certified compostable and designed with an intuitive double-locking system that requires no lid. It’s a versatile product that can hold a variety of hot and cold foods and is oven- and microwave-safe up to 350 degrees F.

Monogram Compostable Glove: US Foods is proud to introduce the only certified compostable gloves on the market. As part of the company’s Serve Good6 lineup, this product is BPI Certified Compostable and tinted green to represent the sustainability traits of the glove. They are easy to take on and off and come in multiple sizes for a better fit.

Harbor Banks Cracker Breaded Atlantic Cod Tail: Customers will improve their sustainability profile and reduce product waste by using this whole muscle, wild-caught, underutilized tail portion cut. This items is part of the company’s Serve Good6 program lineup and is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified.

Chef’s Line Non-GMO Artisan Focaccia Square Bun: Old world flavors meet new world convenience in these square focaccia buns. The dough is fermented for 13 hours – in true Genovesian style – for a more complex flavor. This product is part of the company’s Serve Good program lineup. It is Non-GMO Project Verified product and complies with US Foods’ Unpronounceables List.

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