U.S. Foodservice unveiled its new corporate name, US Foods, and brand identity reflecting its strategic focus on creating a better food offering and an easier service experience for customers.

“Our new name and brand image are a reflection of the many customer-focused improvements now underway at US Foods,” says John Lederer, president and CEO, US Foods. “We traveled the country and listened carefully to what our employees and customers had to say about how we can improve: provide better, more relevant and innovative food choices and make it easier for our customers to do business with us. We believe this is a recipe for mutual success.”

Based on extensive research, the new identity and underlying strategy mark the beginning of US Foods’ strategic transformation into a more creative and innovative food company dedicated to making things easier for customers.

In addition to changing its name to US Foods—which research showed is how most customers and employees already refer to the company—a new logo and tagline will begin appearing on trucks, products and in other areas. With vibrant orange and green food colors and a bold, simple design, the new image expresses confidence and a fresh outlook.

“We wanted to let everyone know we’re on an exciting path,” Lederer says. “The new image will remind us of our focus every day, and our new tag line, ‘Keeping Kitchens Cooking,’ will keep our customers front and center.”

Lederer, who joined US Foods in August 2010, inherited a strong leadership team of industry veterans and has added deep specialist expertise in strategic areas such as product innovation, merchandising, supply chain, and information technology.

Building on a strong foundation as one of America’s leading foodservice distribution companies, the new vision is inspired in part by the rich history of the many companies that came together to form US Foods.

Beginning with the immediate launch of a line of new and innovative products exclusive to US Foods, the company is working to provide customers with better products, more intuitive tools and technologies, and thoughtful service solutions and information—all underscored by this forward-looking image transformation.

US Foods operates 64 test kitchens across the country, including a state-of-the-art Culinary Innovation Center in Rosemont, Illinois. It’s here that US Foods chefs help customers stay abreast of culinary trends, increase sales, and manage costs. In addition, a team of US Foods chefs and product developers regularly travel the world in search of new flavors and ideas to bring home to customers. As a result, US Foods has introduced more than 800 new products in 2011, and this October will launch two new brands, including Chef’s Line, a new line of chef-inspired, time-saving foods that demonstrate the company’s innovative approach to product development.

“US Foods is committed to creating better, more innovative products that leverage our food expertise and market position, and to making the customer service experience easier every step of the way,” Lederer says. “Our new brand supports and advances both of these goals.”

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