There’s a science behind pizza making. Passed down through generations to preserve the recipe’s authenticity, it is a science only a professor can master. Which is why Urban Crosta Pizzeria has welcomed Maestro Pizzaiolo Anthony Scardino to their team. Known to pizza aficionados as ‘Professor Pizza,’ Scardino is bringing his world-class knowledge and expertise to the Streeterville pizzeria. Having trained under World Pizza Champion and internationally renowned Maestro Pizzaiolo, Tony Gemignani, Professor Pizza is deserving of his title. Scardino’s approach to artisan pizza derives straight from his Italian-American roots: traditional, straightforward, and delicious.

“The quality of our thin-crust, minimal-ingredient pies should mirror what you find in Italy,” says Urban Crosta owner, Felipe Ospina. “Our relationship with Chef Anthony Scardino has already helped us to evolve our original recipe into one that’s really a slice above the rest.”

Any pizza connoisseur will tell you the same thing: perfection lies in the preparation. Starting with the dough. Created by pizza authorities John Arena, Guilio Adriani, Scott Wiener, and Gemignani himself, the flour Urban Crosta is now using is designed to have the flavor profile of an Italian pizza with the texture and mouth feel of an American or New York-Style pie. Once the sour dough starter is added, the dough goes into a 48-hour dough fermentation before stretched.

“Urban Crosta is bringing a new life into the pizza scene at large,” says Scardino. “We are one of the only pizzerias in Chicago offering NY Style slices with the integrity of fresh ingredients.” 

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