Upserve, the industry’s only full-service Restaurant Management Platform, announced the launch of Upserve Marketplace Wednesday, a single hub for unifying the widest array of technology solutions restaurateurs rely on with a single management platform. Encompassing a range of restaurant needs—staffing, inventory, accounting and much more—Upserve Marketplace launches with more than a dozen industry leaders including Homebase, PeachWorks, Bevager and several other partners.

While restaurants have more choices than ever when it comes to technology, but are tired of having their systems and data disconnected. Legacy technologies don’t talk to each other, resulting in more clutter and less efficiency inside the restaurant. Upserve Marketplace cuts through the clutter. Upserve and its partners are able to communicate seamlessly so restaurants get a single platform to manage every aspect of their business. Restaurateurs get an easier-to-use system so they can spend their time on delivering outstanding hospitality, not technology.

“For years restaurateurs have been stuck with expensive, proprietary, 1990s-era technology that’s difficult to use and doesn’t play nice with others,” says Angus Davis, Founder and CEO of Upserve. “In 2017, it’s high time restaurateurs can expect modern, open solutions to operate seamlessly in harmony. Whether it’s inventory, scheduling or accounting, with Upserve’s app marketplace, restaurateurs can now spend less time trying out for a cameo role on Geek Squad and more time focused on what actually matters: delighting guests with great hospitality.”

Upserve Marketplace is the one-stop-shop for every aspect of running a restaurant, spanning a number of categories such as employee and workforce management, accounting, restaurant management, inventory management, capital/expansion financing, data security and gift card administration. Current integration partners include Square Capital, Homebase, Bevager, PeachWorks, Restaurant365, 7Shifts, Dolce, Shogo, Better Chains, Compeat, Orca, The Customer Connection and TrustWave.

“Restaurant owners, managers, and employees are buried with time-consuming paperwork on a daily basis,” says John Waldmann, co-founder and CEO of Homebase. “This partnership helps us offer optimized schedules and real-time labor cost management to Upserve customers like the 60,000 businesses we already serve. With better team management tools like those we provide, restaurateurs get back control of their time and are able to do more of what got them into business in the first place – delivering great food and service to their customers.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Upserve and be a part of the Upserve Marketplace,” says Jeff Schacher, founder and president of PeachWorks. “PeachWorks is dedicated to making our restaurant customers successful and our integration with Breadcrumb Point of Sale by Upserve is key to that success. By leveraging the data from Breadcrumb POS, PeachWorks can help our joint customers see real reductions on food and labor costs, increasing profitability.”

“Inventory management has been painfully manual, spreadsheet-based, but Bevager and Foodager streamlines bar and kitchen ordering, inventory and costing,” says Samuel Zats, CEO of FNBTech. “Our direct integration speaks directly with Breadcrumb POS by Upserve to deliver real-time perpetual food and bar inventory and point of sale analytics to Upserve customers. The result is hours in saved time from manual work as well as improved pour and food costs, so customers can focus on their craft.”

Restaurant owners and operators, and technology solution providers for the industry, interested in Upserve Marketplace can learn more at

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