Swing Racquet + Paddle (Swing), the first-of-its-kind Sportstainment venue coming to Raleigh in 2024 and the next evolution in racquet and paddle sports, announce da partnership with chef Fabio Viviani and Fabio Viviani Hospitality. Known for his appearances on Top Chef, managing a restaurant empire, and authoring a best-selling cookbook, Viviani will lead Swing’s food and beverage component. This news comes on the heels of Swing’s recent announcement that it has also joined forces with Wilson Sporting Goods Co. in its mission to revolutionize the racquet sports experience and grow the global player base.

“Our goal is to truly excite our guests with the entire experience at Swing and food and beverage is a major part of the equation,” says Rob Autry, founder and CEO of Swing Racquet + Paddle. “We believe that partnering with a world-class chef like Fabio Viviani and his talented team at Fabio Viviani Hospitality is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. Customers can expect a menu and experience catered towards sports and socialization, emphasizing sharable, crave-able dishes.”

But it’s not just about taste. Viviani, working closely with Swing’s executive team, will execute Swing’s vision for food and beverage offerings that are better-for-you inspired. While still offering sinful indulgences, the menu will be lighter and focus on high-quality ingredients prepared with Viviani’s signature flair. The goal is for Swing’s visitors to still feel great after a court session or match, and not be weighed down by heavy, unhealthy meals.

“The whole team at Fabio Viviani Hospitality and I are excited to partner with Swing in creating an awesome, better-for-you quality food and beverage experience that will complement their sports and entertainment offerings,” says Viviani. “Swing’s commitment to creating a strong community across all racquets sports players will be matched by our ability to bring people together over a meal and amazing drinks. Long gone are the days when food and beverage was just an afterthought for sports and entertainment concepts. At Swing, it will be a tangible asset that will not only complement but enhance the appeal of the whole complex. We cannot wait to start cooking through this journey of great sports and amazing entertainment with Swing.”

Viviani, who was born in Florence, Italy and moved to California in 2005, is a celebrated chef with a passion for the culinary arts. He has made multiple appearances on the hit cooking competition show Top Chef, where he won the Fan Favorite title. In addition to his success on the show, Viviani has also opened several successful restaurants, ranging from modern American taverns to high-end Italian eateries. He is known for his dedication to using high-quality ingredients and his innovative approach to cooking. Viviani’s expertise and passion for the arts have made him a beloved figure in the culinary world, and his restaurants and television appearances have garnered him a devoted fan base.

“We expect that our food and beverage program will be a draw of its own. Of course, we think the racquet sports community will love our menu, but we are equally excited about the opportunity to bring new people into racquet sports through our restaurant,” says Jason DeGroff, president and managing partner of Swing. “We believe people will come for the food, see the incredible energy on our campus, and want to give one of our sports a shot. Food brings people together and it’s a big part of our plan to build a diverse racquet sports community.”

Swing’s flagship location is a 45-acre campus located in Raleigh, NC. The completed Swing campus will serve up tennis, pickleball, padel, ping pong, and beach tennis courts side-by-side with retail and an exciting food and beverage concept.  

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