UNO Pizzeria & Grill is daring customers to come up with any excuse to enjoy its $2 Rose Sangria. In response, the brand launched to show just how many (un)reasonable excuses there are to enjoy a refreshing drink as summer winds down. 

The “Excuse Generator” —as UNO calls it—has more than 100 plausible (and admittedly non-plausible) excuses. Part entertainment. Part sangria advocacy. But, 100 percent fun. The chain is encouraging people to share their excuses on social media and UNO is running a gift card contest through this Facebook post and with some prominent influencers to find even more interesting excuses. 

After a very successful $2 Margarita promotion in late spring, UNO has implemented a regular “hot drink” promotion as a welcoming invitation for people to come in and get to know the restaurant more. The results for both efforts have been “ice breakers” for new and existing customers and there will be another drink promotion launching right after this one.

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