UniFocus, a leading hospitality provider of Workforce Management Systems, announced an enhancement to UniFocus Mobile, the mobile app that allows managers to schedule and communicate while on-the-go. UniFocus Mobile will now enable notifications on wearable devices, like smart watches, to ensure managers are notified immediately of urgent staffing issues.

Smart watches have become an accessory for nearly everyone, and with more managers wearing them, UniFocus is tapping into this technology to provide both managers and employees with actionable information quicker. In the fast-paced and ever-evolving hospitality sector, leveraging this kind of technology further improves management’s real-time capabilities so they can make on-the-floor decisions that can save money and ensure service quality.

“UniFocus Mobile is an invaluable tool that managers have come to rely on, as it provides real-time visibility, improved communication and greater flexibility, which in turn leads to higher employee engagement,” says Mark Heymann, chief executive officer at UniFocus. “By leveraging the technology already on managers’ wrists, we can help them react even more quickly as they make important decisions, communicate effectively with staff, and ultimately improve operations.”

UniFocus’ Mobile App now supports wearable technology, so managers and employees who own a smart watch are able to begin receiving these real-time alerts immediately.

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