As the foodservice industry returns to serving in enclosed spaces, the overall issue of air quality is of increasing importance. Unified Brands has partnered with Purafil to provide a new air filtration solution to the foodservice industry backed by scientifically proven technology. The new Purafil / Unified Brands partnership helps restaurants get back to “normal” while providing their customers and employees peace of mind by removing harmful aerosols from the air entering the filtration units.

While traditional precautions, such as sanitization, face masks and social distancing, are key in the transition to healthy indoor foodservice, foodservice operations want to control potential hazards in the air as well. The new PURA 400, PURA 800 and PURA 1200 units give patrons and employees peace of mind by using a multi-stage filtration process that includes patented technology and is shown to remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses* from the air entering the unit during independent third-party laboratory tests.

“We have all been in uncharted territories the past several months and as foodservice operations begin serving customers in a more normal way, it’s important to combat concerns people may have about the air in enclosed spaces,” said John Davis, Unified Brands Vice President of Marketing and Product Development.

The units roll into place, allowing for a versatile layout, feature 360-degree air circulation and purification, and emit minimal noise – an average of 60 dB (about as loud as a regular conversation) for the PURA 400 and 800 and 63dB for the PURA 1200.  The four-stage filtration process includes a pre-filter, chemical filtration to remove inanimate contaminants, patented antimicrobial technology to protect the filter, and a HEPA final filter. There are no washable parts and filters are replaced approximately every 6 months, depending on model and usage.

The PURA 400 is an in-room mobile unit with a minimal footprint – 12.5 square inches and 25 inches tall. It can filter dining areas as large as 400 square feet, and larger operations can place additional units in the same room if needed. The PURA 800 offers additional purification capacity – at 16.5-by-26.4 inches and 44 inches tall, it provides protection for dining areas up to 800 square feet and features a smart LCD display with touch controls and filter replacement alerts. The PURA 1200 echoes the smart control features of the PURA 800 and covers 1200 square feet in a 27-by-26.5 inches and 44 inches tall footprint.

No representation made herein is intended to make claims about the effectiveness of the PURA 400/ 800/1200 against SARS-CoV-2. Laboratory testing demonstrated 99.99% removal of aerosols carrying MS2 from air entering the unit. Copies of the full test reports are available upon request.

With PURA 400, PURA 800 and PURA 1200 filtration units, your foodservice operation comforts customers about eating in your establishment, and branded window clings touting the benefits highlight your operation as one that takes the safety of patrons and employees seriously – allowing you to take another step toward “normal” operations.

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