The USDA Guidelines for Americans recommend six, 1-ounce servings of grains daily (based on a 2,000 calorie diet), with half the servings coming from whole grains. Uncle Ben's naturel products are the perfect answer for those patrons who want to eat whole grains as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Whole grains are more nutritious—they go through fewer refinement processes, keeping more of the natural nutrition and fiber of the rice grain. Uncle Ben's naturel products are 100 percent natural, cholesterol-free, preservative-free, sodium-free and contain 0 grams of trans fat. They are available in a variety of flavors:

  • naturel Minnesota Harvest — A contrast in taste and texture, this duo of select Uncle Ben's Original Converted Brand Rice and hearty wild rice is a full-flavored and sodium-free menu alternative
  • naturel Jasmine Rose — A richly colored whole-grain blend of Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Brown Rice and rosy red rice is complemented with the exotic fragrance and delicate flavor of jasmine rice
  • naturel Wild Red Whole Grain Blend — This blend has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Visually appealing with the variation in color made with a rich-colored, whole grain blend of brown rice, rosy medium-grain red rice, and wild rice.
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