Umami Burger is teaming up with international twin sister DJ duo NERVO for a limited-time-only burger to celebrate the debut of their new single “Pickle,” featuring Paris Hilton and Tinie Tempah. The NERVO Pickle Burger is the latest collaboration in Umami Burger’s artist series, which has previously featured Jayden Smith, Bon Jovi, and Cindy Crawford. Available starting April 9, the burger features the new Umami burger patty, provolone cheese, fried pickles, and a special jalapeño pickle ranch all on a brioche bun.

The burger comes in a decked out branded box with a QR code to stream the debut video for NERVO’s “Pickle,” bringing the experience of live shows, concerts, and festivals that we have missed over this last year to your home. Umami Burger makes a special appearance in the video, allowing diners to eat their own Umami Burger while transporting themselves to the music experience.

“Umami Burger is next level delicious and the team behind the company is really fun,” shares Olivia and Miriam Nervo, who have been fans of the brand and its burgers for years. “They helped make a special NERVO Pickle Burger to celebrate the release of our next single, which was inspired by us eating cheese and pickle sandwiches while we were in the studio, a staple of ours over here in the United Kingdom. Pickles really bring your sandwich to the next level, so we thought why not make a song about pickles? We sent it to Paris and she jumped on straight away, then Tinie Tempah followed. It has been a long time in the making and the video was so much fun to shoot in LA. And here we are now making a burger about pickles, too!”

The NERVO Pickle Burger will be available at all Umami Burger locations across the country. Umami Burger is currently available via major delivery platforms including Postmates, UberEats, and Doordash, and GrubHub.  For more information on Umami Burger, please visit or follow @umamiburger or #umamiburger on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

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