Tyson Foodservice Teams introduced the seriously versatile, ridiculously fun, new Tyson Chicken Boat Loaders Snacks. Shaped like potato skins, Tyson Chicken Boat Loaders Snacks made with 100 percent white meat chicken and come fully cooked. The top-and-go item allows operators to explore endless menu possibilities because toppings can include indulgent or better-for-you options creating unique offerings.

With 40 percent of consumers seeking something different from the norm, Tyson Chicken Boat Loaders Snacks unique boat shape disrupts the menu and spurs trial.

Quick and easy to prepare, the Tyson Chicken Boat Loaders Snacks take only a few minutes to prepare in the fryer, leaving plenty of time to create delicious topping options, like waffles and syrup, cheesy mashed potatoes and bacon, or a spinach artichoke dip.

For more information, visit www.tysonfoodservice.com.

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