True Food Kitchen, the award-winning restaurant brand that has pioneered health-driven dining, announced its “Cobb for a Cause” promotion in support of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the nonprofit organization that empowers people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. As part of the brand’s month-long promotion in celebration of Earth Month, True Food Kitchen will donate $1 to the EWG for every Good Earth Kale Cobb salad sold from April 1-30. A healthy twist on a familiar favorite, True Food’s new vegetarian and gluten-friendly Good Earth Kale Cobb features organic kale, avocado, organic tomato, asparagus, watermelon radish, garbanzo bean, dried sweet corn, gorgonzola and cashew poblano ranch.

True Food Kitchen’s April promotion debuts on the heels of EWG’s recent release of its annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ and its list of the fruits and vegetables containing the highest concentrations of pesticide residue, known as the Dirty Dozen. Kale – a key ingredient in many of True Food Kitchen’s signature dishes including the new Good Earth Kale Cobb – ranks third on the list of produce that EWG recommends consumers purchase organic.

All of the kale served at every True Food Kitchen restaurant is grown organically from San Miguel Farms in Oxnard, Calif. Since its first restaurant opening more than 10 years ago, True Food Kitchen has been committed to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients and has abided by EWG’s Dirty Dozen, ensuring that all fruits and vegetables on the list that are served in True Food restaurants are 100% organic. True Food has developed a video, “Sourced True: Organic Kale,” the first in the brand’s series of sourcing videos developed to bring guests closer to its passion for quality ingredients and responsible sourcing.

The video is now live on True Food Kitchen’s YouTube channel and website. “Our ‘Cobb for a Cause’ promotion and our partnership with EWG are significant because they underscore True Food’s commitment to responsible sourcing and educating consumers everywhere about the impact of organics on health,” said Chef Robert McCormick, True Food Kitchen brand chef.

“We go to great lengths to source with integrity, partnering only with growers and farmers that are committed to the same values that we are.” “True Food Kitchen’s Cobb for a Cause campaign is a great way to show consumers you can eat healthy food that’s low in pesticides – and delicious,” says Ken Cook, EWG president. “We’re so grateful for partners like True Food Kitchen, which, through the food they serve, highlights the importance of clean eating and knowing not only where your food comes from but what it’s been treated with. We will only grow the good food movement through education.”

Founded in 2008, True Food Kitchen has received national recognition as a culinary leader, with a health-driven menu of seasonal dishes and natural beverages guided by the principles of founder Dr. Andrew Weil’s antiinflammatory food pyramid. The restaurant’s culinary team is committed to working closely with its growers, farmers and producers to improve the process and production of quality ingredients and products.

“We should all make every effort to minimize our exposure to pesticide residues on food we eat, and one of the most effective ways to do that is by purchasing organic produce,” says Dr. Andrew Weil, True Food Kitchen co-founder, integrative medicine expert and long-time Environmental Working Group supporter. “By identifying the fruits and vegetables that pose the highest and lowest risk to pesticide exposure, the EWG provides a valuable resource to consumers in choosing what produce to purchase organically, and what fruits and vegetables are safe to buy conventionally.”

Also this April, True Food Kitchen will launch its new Spring menu at all 27 locations nationwide, which celebrates the season’s most delicious and nutrient-dense produce at the peak of its freshness and flavor. Highlights from the new menu include a seasonal showcase of organic produce and fresh ingredients:

Green Asparagus: lemon almond ricotta, pickled organic strawberry, arugula, radish (vegan, glutenfriendly) • Seared Chicken Satay: achiote, pumpkin seed salsa, cucumber, cilantro (gluten-friendly)

  • Cucumber Salad: sumac, red onion, a new side option
  • Spinach & Mushroom Pizza: garlic, organic spinach, roasted mushroom, caramelized onion, lemon almond ricotta, aleppo chili (vegan)
  • Cauliflower Polenta: asparagus, snow pea, edamame, snap pea, yellow squash, watermelon radish, chili thread (vegan, gluten-friendly)
  • Korean Noodle Bowl: sweet potato glass noodle, pickled shiitake, organic spinach, heirloom carrot, bean sprout, toasted sesame (vegan, gluten-friendly)
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap: achiote, pumpkin seed salsa, smoked gouda, red onion, arugula
  • Key Lime Mousse: organic strawberry, avocado, coconut, almond crumble (vegan, gluten-friendly)
  • Basil Cucumber Collins: lemon-infused vodka, cucumber, muddled basil
  • Cherry Bourbon Sour: bourbon, apricot brandy, cherry bitters, lemon
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita: organic reposado tequila, organic strawberry, rhubarb, lime, mint
  • Farmers Market Sangria: organic white wine, spiced brandy, pineapple, lime
  • Honeydew Mimosa: honeydew, cava
  • Honeydew Cooler: honeydew, lime, bubbly water
  • Cascara Cold Brew: cascara, coconut milk

As always, True Food Kitchen’s health-driven, seasonal lineup of signature dishes and freshly-pressed natural beverages is guided by the principles of Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid, which was created as a guide for those seeking to achieve and maintain optimum health.

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