Tristan ULT FreshTM tuna is professionally thawed ULT tuna. The Tristan staff defrosts the tuna using a proprietary process that guarantees the integrity of the product like it was just caught. Tristan ULT FreshTM tuna is the perfect solution for those restaurants and retailers who use fresh tuna and want to use ULT tuna because of its benefits, but have a difficult time handling it.

“Everyone needs to rethink fresh tuna!” states Gabriella Perotti, president of Tristan International. “We have been offering ULT Frozen Tuna (aka Super Frozen) since 2002, and we are very excited to introduce this new product to both our retail and foodservice customers, as it will give them a new alternative when sourcing this high valued item; we are solving a problem for them.”

There are many advantages offered by Tristan ULT FreshTM tuna. The product is 100 percent natural with no additives or other ingredients, is available year round and, unlike some so-called fresh tuna, the ULT model allows consistent quality and stable pricing; customers know their costs. 

Tristan ULT FreshTM tuna also addresses food safety issues; because ULT tuna is frozen at sea at -76°F, parasites are eliminated, and microbe growth and histamine formation prevented. Tristan ULT FreshTM tuna is currently available in loins and can be customized into steaks upon client requests.

ULT freezing technology was developed by the Japanese as their fishermen traveled longer distances to catch the high valued fish. Only ULT temperatures can retain the product’s sashimi quality naturally. Unlike other companies that sell carbon monoxide-treated tuna to keep the product red regardless of quality, Tristan only handles ULT tuna.

“We ensure total sashimi quality, natural color and fresh taste through our ULT system,” says Perotti. “We already market a superior, all-natural product with our Tristan Ultra Frozen products and we have the ability to customize portions and shapes based on customer needs. Our ULT FreshTM tuna product is just another example of how Tristan solves problems for operators without compromising product integrity.”

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