AI powered gamification training platform Attensi announced their client ‘eatertainment’ chain Flight Club has experienced a huge surge in positive feedback on training from employees. The positive shift in opinion and uptick in development of skills is thanks to their switch to Attensi gamification training platform.  

Since switching to Attensi employees have demonstrated:  

  • 87% of the knowledge gap in skills closed  
  • 9 x on average completion of training  
  • 95% of employees enjoying game platform training  

The restaurant and entertainment chain with over 1000 employees previously relied on training via paper handouts and binders which was unsustainable and unengaging. This costly and ineffective training led to huge knowledge gaps which leads to a lack of confidence among employees. In addition to onboarding, there was also a need for training that supported staff development—helping them to retain training knowledge as well as managing bookings and changing menus. They needed a solution that could support their growth plans that was consistent and scalable.

An engaging solution was created that played well into the fun and gaming element of the brand. Flight Club, Director of Training and Development, Amanda Cibotti, says “We killed all the trees before Attensi, we had binders and hundreds of handouts, we were not sustainable at all, and our staff were not engaged with our training. We now have a situation where our team is competing against each other to beat their previous training score and to beat their colleagues! Attensi training is fun, innovative, and levelling up the knowledge gap between front of house and back of house staff, while also boosting morale and confidence. This is an amazing feat with a dispersed and international team. There’s no other training you can make people do twice however they played on average 9 times! The competitive nature of training means that employees are excited and accomplished before they hit the floor.”

Attensi’s Greg Hull, MD Retail and Hospitality says: “Flight Club are sector leaders in the ‘eatertainment’ industry. With 15 branches globally, and over 1000 staff, ensuring everyone is up to speed on their high customer service standards was a huge undertaking. We are pleased that the team has responded so well to our tailormade simulation 3D training. The initial statistics are remarkable, confidence is the key to great service, and we are pleased we nailed it. We certainly felt part of the extended Flight Club team and we look forward to hearing more great results going forward.” 

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