Tractor Soda Co., the beverage industry’s newest 100 percent certified organic, non-GMO, crafted fountain soda producer will officially begin national distribution in May 2016. With a mission to provide customers with organic, handcrafted sodas through fast casual restaurants, Tractor Soda will now be available nationwide with distribution partner, Dot Foods.

Known for achieving refreshing taste through natural ingredients, Tractor Soda Co. also aims to bring a more efficient and eco-friendly method of distribution to retailers through its practice of precycling. By leveraging the all-in-one soda dispenser system, the company predicts it can now ship over 12 times more craft soda drinks to retailers than if it were shipping cans or bottles.

“We’re excited that our crafted organic sodas will be available to the masses and will allow us to partner with restaurants who share our values and vision for fun, healthy foods and beverages. We believe ingredients should be grown, not manufactured and we are looking forward to more people tasting the farm to fountain difference,” says Travis Potter, founder of Tractor Soda Co. “With our fountain-style dispenser system, we’re able to help eliminate waste and offer a purity of taste. Our beverages are more akin to the original sodas that were intended as health tonics. We call it taking soda back to its roots.”

The north Idaho-based company, Tractor Soda Co., was founded in 2015 when Travis Potter and his business partners recognized that consumers were looking for healthier soda options for themselves and their families when dining out. Unlike other soda businesses who use artificial additives and chemicals to flavor their sodas, Tractor Soda features ultra-filtered water, natural sweeteners and organic ingredients—fruits, herbs, roots and spices—directly from local farmers and the handcraft flavors consumers crave.

Currently, the company offers nine crafted flavors including, Cola, Root Beer, Ginger Beer, Cherry Cream, Coconut, Blood Orange, Lemon Grass, Meyer Lemon and Cucumber.

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