Trabon has announced an integration with Yext, the digital knowledge pioneer, to enable MenuNet, Trabon’s menu management system, to automate menu content, enhancing data integrity across the digital ecosystem. The MenuNet app elevates MenuNet’s core functionality of location-specific menu content decisions by now publishing this data to online search engines, providing guests with more accurate search results.

The new MenuNet app, housed in the recently launched Yext App Directory, connects two powerful data management systems. MenuNet has always enabled location-specific menu items, pricing and nutritional information, and has been able to integrate content to brand-owned websites and social properties. The Yext platform puts businesses in control of key facts such as menu items across 100-plus maps, apps, search engines, social networks and other intelligent services, helping guests retrieve accurate restaurant information directly from a brand source.

“Today’s restaurant guest is nearly three times as likely to search for brand information without interacting with the company’s website. And nearly five times as many actions—like placing an order or looking for directions—happen outside of a brand website,” says Nancy Hampton, chief business development officer at Trabon. “Regardless of how guests search for a restaurant’s menu information, the content integrity this new app provides enables more consistent brand communications through accurate, location-specific data.”

The Trabon MenuNet app gives businesses the seamless ability to update and publish their locations’ menu content, including pricing and nutrition, across the web while simultaneously increasing their accuracy and consistency.

“Intelligent search has armed guests with more information than ever before, and to compete, restaurants need to be there with accurate and high-quality menu information and other digital knowledge, right in their moment of decision,” says Marc Ferrentino, chief strategy officer of Yext. “The MenuNet app in the Yext App Directory makes it easy for restaurant owners to manage and update menu content everywhere consumers look for it.”

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