Toast unveiled Toast Go Tuesday, a fully integrated point-of-sale handheld custom-built for restaurants. Toast Go, designed by Toast, combines hardware, software, and payments in a beautiful device built to withstand the rigors of the restaurant industry. When paired with recent advancements made in Toast KDS, restaurants of all sizes can accelerate front and back of house productivity, improve table turn time, grow revenue, and deliver an amazing guest experience. Both Toast Go and Toast KDS are available starting May 1.

“Toast’s mission is to empower the restaurant community to delight their guests, do what they love, and thrive,” says Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of Toast. “With solutions like Toast Go and Toast KDS, we deliver affordable, cloud-based technology that restaurants of all sizes can put to work immediately to improve operations, increase revenue, and deliver an amazing guest experience.”

Toast Go empowers waitstaff to delight guests with:

Improved operations for restaurants of all sizes: Waitstaff can access details on which items are in or out of stock, ingredient information, and even suggested drink pairings. Servers can also receive a notification through the handheld when an order is fulfilled on the KDS, ensuring food is served hot and fresh.

Increased speed of service for fast casual restaurants: Servers no longer need to wait for a terminal to open up; orders are fired from Toast Go directly to the kitchen. Toast Go also supports line-busting when a queue stretches out the door; guests can order and pay in line.

Best-in-class design for the restaurant community: Toast Go features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use from open to close, and, a Wifi chipset that provides superior signal strength and fast roaming for busy restaurant staff. The device also boasts a 14+ hour battery life and a generous screen size that is large enough to avoid typos, yet slim enough to slip into a back pocket.

“Our turn times decreased dramatically with Toast Go. On Aloha, we served about 250 guests on a typical Friday night; with Toast Go, we serve over 400 guests. That equates to an extra half million dollars in annual sales,” says Cory Neel, general manager of Odd Duck in Austin, Texas. “And with more tables come more tips: servers each take home about $7,000 in additional gratuities per year with Toast Go, which helps us with employee retention. Our staff has peace of mind knowing they can pay their bills.”

When paired together, Toast Go and Toast KDS power successful restaurants through a technology platform connecting the front of house and back of house. This integration provides guests and restaurant staff with:

Seamless, centralized operations: With its revamped design, Toast KDS software automatically fires items based on how long it takes to cook them. For example, if a table orders two hamburgers—one rare, one well-done—the KDS will automatically fire the well-done burger first, then the rare, so both meals come out hot and at the same time. All of this information is seamlessly communicated from the server to the kitchen using Toast Go.

Reduced worry with allergy-specific orders: When allergy information is entered into Toast Go, kitchen staff are immediately alerted on the KDS.

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