Passion Food Hospitality continuously turns a corner in the hospitality industry in Washington, D.C. from each neighborhood and intersection they’ve come to occupy – making their mark not only on the local community, but on the culinary community at large. DC Coast is one of their restaurants that proves that point. In 1998, Passion Food Hospitality partners Gus DiMillo, chef Jeff Tunks, and David Wizenberg opened the doors to their first venture – DC Coast – in an area that was better known as a red light district than a place to grab a business lunch or white-tablecloth dinner.

DC Coast occupies one of the city's first Art Deco office buildings, an anchor of the busy thoroughfares that are 14th and K Street. The three partners restored the landmark interior to create the two-story space that it is today.

On Thursday, June 13, DC Coast will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a special wine dinner that will showcase its time-honored signature dishes from 1998, along with unique wine pairings and toasts from the chef whose vision changed the way Washingtonians dine.

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