This past fall, Tilit Chef Goods, a New York-based, U.S.-made chef wear company that designs aprons, chef pants, skinny chef pants, work-shirts, and more, began the #ChefCoatProject.

The #ChefCoatProject is a multi-step plan to crowdsource the design for a new chef jacket from professional chefs across the U.S. and Canada. The project began with a survey of design attributes including fit, style, pockets, materials, and colors, as well as pricing, and whether chefs, sous chefs, and cooks preferred to order for their restaurants or personally.

The survey brought in hundreds of responses from chefs and paved the way for Alex McCrery, founder of Tilit, to then create three different designs based on popular opinion. The three designs were voted on through Tilit's social media channels and website. Participants have been rewarded for sharing the news of the #ChefCoatProject by inclusion in raffles giving away free T-shirts, gift cards, and finally five free chef jackets.

The winning design has been shared with the chef community online and personally by McCrery visiting restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The chef coat has been created for both men and women, with details such as performance apparel side panels, apron strap tab, pit vents, a chambray lined collar, easy roll sleeves, split longer back, hip pocket, and a sharpie arm pocket.

The coats went on sale on on Friday, April 4.

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