Your local pizza restaurant’s menu is about to make its way onto your smartphone screen. At the 2017 International Pizza Expo, pizza and delivery restaurant point of sale system Thr!ve debuted their new mobile app that will help bring leading edge pizza technology to clients.

The new Thr!ve app, launching in beta in April, will allow restaurants to have a custom, fully branded smartphone app in the Apple and Google Play stores. The app lets customers create and place orders straight from the app, as well as monitor and claim their loyalty rewards. The app differentiates itself from a mobile site by boasting a branded loading screen, side menu, and integration with the phone’s map and calling features.

Along with online ordering capabilities, the app offers restaurants a chance to promote their loyalty program by showing customers their total points and available rewards in the app, making it even easier for them to use their rewards online.

“We had a great time showing the Pizza Expo community our latest addition to the Thr!ve Suite,” said Tom Bronson, Granbury Solutions President and CEO. “Attendees who stopped by our booth were really excited about the app and what it could mean for their restaurants. Thr!ve takes all the best features from across our legacy products that have allowed our clients to build successful businesses and puts them into one powerhouse solution. Bringing that to mobile was the obvious next step.”

The app’s beta version includes order confirmation and driver assignment confirmations with Thr!ve’s delivery management solution, Dr!ve. Later phases will add loyalty reward push notifications and custom marketing notifications.

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