Michelin released the first selection of the MICHELIN Guide Washington 2017, which highlights the diversity and richness of the local culinary scene.

In this first selection, three restaurants have been awarded two stars: Mini Bar, where under the eyes of his customers, Chef Jose Andres offers particularly avant-garde and innovative cuisine in the form of a tasting menu featuring whimsical and fun dishes; Pineapple & Pearls, opened earlier this year by chef Aaron Silverman, has perfectly flavored dishes reflecting a wide range of influences; and The Inn at Little Washington, which is outside of Washington and has long offered the classic and eclectic French cuisine in a stunning setting, all of which is orchestrated by celebrity chef Patrick.

“Over the last five years the culinary offering has significantly developed in the city, driven by chefs who have travelled, have trained abroad and have enriched their cuisine on their return by incorporating new techniques, new flavors, and new seasonings," says Michael Ellis, international director of the Michelin guides. “This gastronomic revival is amplified and supported by the ‘Mid-Atlantic cuisine’ led by young chefs who have decided to take advantage of their terroir and work local products, thereby giving Washington a unique culinary identity.”

Figureheads in this "Mid-Atlantic cuisine,” the restaurant Rose's Luxury, opened by chef Aaron SILVERMAN, and The Dabney, run by chef Jeremiah Langhorne, have been awarded one star in this first selection for the MICHELIN Guide Washington. Seven other restaurants have been awarded one star—the Blue Duck Tavern, Kinship, Plume, Tail Up Goat, the Italian restaurants Masseria and Fiola, and the Japanese restaurant Sushi Taro.

Finally, with over 33 styles of cuisines represented in the Guide, with for the first time a restaurant offering Balkan cuisine, the selection reflects the great diversity of the culinary scene in the city.

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